3 Reasons to Buy a New House in Westerville, Ohio

There are good reasons why many people really want to own one of the Westerville Ohio homes for sale. This suburb is beautiful with many historic site, top-notch facilities and community center, and not to forget it is a very friendly place for families with young children. Money Magazine recognized this excellence and has named Westerville as one of America’s Best Place to Live twice. If you are planning to move to a nice neighborhood with safe environment and gorgeous looking houses, Westerville is the right choice for you. Here are other 4 reasons to convince you to buy a new house in Westerville, Ohio.

Upscale Neighborhood

If you love big houses with a historical touch, large green yards and also majestic designs, Westerville is the best neighborhood for you. You can find those houses in the upscale Bay Ridge area or in the Temperance Point. But there are also more affordable neighborhoods for small family who prefer warmer and smaller house. West Albany area has plenty under $250.000 houses

Good Education System

Westerville has one to eighteen teachers to students ratio. This is better than most parts in Ohio and even the States. This excellent statistic is possible due to the large numbers of public schools available in Westerville, and also the huge education budgets the government spent for each student. Westerville is also the home of one of the best liberal art college in the States, Otterbein University.

Many Job Opportunities

Living cost in Westerville is relatively high compared to the other parts of Ohio. But there’s a very good reason for that. Westerville is never lacked of job opportunities. Westerville has an office of the financial company JP Morgan Chase and also the Mount Carmel Health as the biggest source of employment.  There are also many entrepreneurs opening various service businesses that boost the economy and reduce the underemployment rate. If you buy a new house in Westerville, there will be many job opportunities waiting for you in this suburb.

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