The Side Effects of Chromium Contamination

Chromium is a form of metal which can be discovered in natural sediment such as ores. Chromium contamination can be dangerous for humans. This mineral cannot only be found in sediment but plants and soils may also contain chromium. Chromium compounds are mostly produced by chemical manufacturing and the process of burning coal, natural gas, and oil. When it is released into the air, it will tie itself into the soils.

Chromium compounds can also be found in things around us, such as cement, paint, stainless steel, rubber, and paper. Small amount of chromium contamination is not very harmful. However, heavy contamination can cause health problems. Some of them are kidney problems, lung disease, and nerve tissue damage. Those who work in chromium related industry have higher risk of chromium exposed side effects.

Long exposure of chromium is harmful. But, small amount of chromium can actually give you some benefits. Some of the health benefits are lower your heart disease risk, maintain cholesterol level, and maintain blood sugar level. You can find trace amount of chromium in cereal, peas, potatoes, tea, and coffee.

However, to ensure the safety of the environment and all the people in the community, the government makes sure that drinking waters and foods have safe level of chromium. If your manufacturer causes chromium contamination in the area you must call environmental experts. They will investigate how much chromium has contaminated the area. Then they will perform certain procedure to clean the environment from chromium. This action will help you save the environment and free you from government punishment.

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